The past 12 months have been an exciting time for us. We started the year with high expectations and a significant investment in video recording. Our goal was to attract 1,000 paying subscribers for exclusive video content called cloudonaut plus. Each week, we published another video. Unfortunately, our plan did not work out. We shut down cloudonaut plus with a heavy heart in May. But we didn’t let the failure demotivate us. We are still on a mission to publish high-quality content for AWS professionals. The positive side effect of the whole story: in addition to the blog and the podcast, there is another channel for our content with our YouTube channel.

The year was special on another level as well: I was on parental leave for nine months – that’s 75% off the year. The time with my children was wonderful. However, a big thank you to Michael, who represented me fantastically during this time. This was no easy task in a 2-man company. Thanks a ton, Michael!

Our content from 2021

During the past 52 weeks, we published 44 articles, 34 videos, and 7 podcast epidsodes. Every content piece is packed with our knowledge, experience, and opinion about all things AWS. We hope you have learned a lot from us!

In case you missed it, here are our favorites from 2021!

Does your VPC endpoint allow access to half of the Internet?
Defining IAM Policies with Terraform safely
Serverless in the Enterprise
Review: AWS Fault Injection Simulator (FIS) – Chaos as a Service?
EC2 Checklist: 7 things to do after launching an instance
Multi-Region AWS Architectures

In total, you have read our articles 800,000 times, listened to our podcast 25,000 times, and watched our videos 20,000 times in 2021.


We want to thank you for reading, listening, and watching! Also, thanks a lot for sharing our content with your peers. Thanks for giving us feedback, buying our books and video courses, and supporting us in any other way. Special thanks to Cloudcraft for the content collaboration and superluminar for the recruiting experiment.

We need your support!

We enjoy creating high-quality and independent content for AWS professionals a lot. Therefore, we would like to make cloudonaut more than just a side project. These days, however, it’s not easy to monetize content. We do not want to advertise products and services to preserve our independence. Instead, we ask for your support!

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