During a recent Huawei launch event, the company announced a new version of PC Manager 12.0.2 for the global consumers of Huawei MateBook devices. The Huawei PC Manager 12.0.2.x version can now be downloaded from the official website (link).

PC Manager:

This PC application comes with a suite of features such as system detection, driver management, customer service, interaction with smartphones. This software also lets you troubleshoot PCs issues, and optimize system settings, to keep your device’s optimal condition.

In addition to the basic features, the latest PC Manager app allows you to connect your phone to your Huawei PC and synchronize the phone to seamlessly share files.

Super Device:

Huawei is also working to bring Super Device features on the global Huawei MateBook notebooks. These notebooks will get the new Mobile App Engine to improve their productivity, however, these notebooks will be able to participate in this beta activity via the latest PC Manager update.

That’s not it, the PC Manager 12.0.2 also supports new Super Device features that will allow you to connect and control and share the corresponding features with a smartphone.

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