As a developer, you need to be able to try and test new software and tools, but the process can be tedious. You often need to download the source code and reconfigure your entire local environment to deploy it. The process is a bit like being asked to assemble a car before giving it a test drive.

The IBM Developer Technology Sandbox is a turnkey solution for you to test drive software. The browser-based, no-code/low-code sandbox enables developers to try new technologies, whether you are trying to extend your application stack or build new skills.

Explore the pre-built applications and use the step-by-step instructions to run them with the click of a button. These applications are built on a combination of various IBM and IBM partner technologies, including APIs, cloud services, and more.

Use the sandbox to:

Discover — Browse industry-specific applications and use cases to try out pre-built applications
Experience — Build, configure, and launch pre-built applications
Customize — Modify, rebuild, and relaunch applications
Take away — Save edited source code to your own GitHub repo; use it as a building block to accelerate your development process

The following video walks you through the features of the sandbox:

Spotlight on industry-specific applications

The sandbox includes nine applications that showcase the state of the art technologies that are a focus for IBM and our Business Partners.

You will get access to applications and services of technologies that include machine learning tools, APIs, AI models, and more. These applications serve as a foundation to jump-start your development work. Some of the sought-after applications featured in the sandbox are:

Video Insights use Watson Speech-to-text and Watson Natural Language Processing to extract insights from video files.
Risk Prediction for Bank Loans uses Watson Machine Learning on Cloud Pak for Data to predict risks involved when approving a loan application.
Agro Smart Assistant uses Watson Assistant and Watson Machine Learning on Cloud Pak for Data to automate crop recommendations.
Anomaly Detection uses the Anomaly Detection early access offering from IBM Research to identify data points, events, and observations that deviate from a dataset’s normal behavior.

Be sure to check out all the various sandbox applications.

Attend a demo, try it, give us feedback

Attend a demo live at the IBM virtual booth at 8 a.m. Pacific time Feb. 8 and Feb. 9. Or tune into our Open Talk at DeveloperWeek 2022 at noon on Feb. 9, 2022.

Try the sandbox and applications at IBM Developer Technology Sandbox. You must join the IBM Developer community for free to access the sandbox.

After you’ve tested the sandbox, we’d love to hear from you, so give us some feedback.

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