T-Mobile US has been an amazing growth story over the last few years. They were dead last competing with Verizon Wireless, AT&T Mobility and Sprint, and after several years of hard work they fought their way up to number two. That success did not come without a price. T-Mobile US customers are now complaining about customer service and customer care. This is something that needs an immediate remedy for them to continue to grow.  

I have spoken with several T-Mobile US customers, and they all tell me that as long as they do not need customer support or customer service, and as long as they have no problems with the wireless service, they are generally happy. That’s good.

Customer care, customer support is weakest link in T-Mobile US chain

However, they also say if they need support, that’s T-Mobile’s weakest link. That’s where the frustration comes into play. And that is not good.

They say satisfactory support and service is generally not there. Not what they expect anyway. They say that they are too often on their own.

Costs more to win a new customer than to keep an existing one

Customers should be treated like gold. After all, it costs quite a bit to win a new customer. In comparison, it takes so little to treat a customer with respect, solve their problems, and have them fall in love with you.

Years ago, wireless carriers needed to focus on winning first time wireless users and hanging on to their existing customer base.

Things have changed.

Today, pretty much everyone who wants wireless already has wireless. Of course, there are the youth who are entering the wireless marketplace for the first time. However, the first timer market has been significantly reduced compared to yesterday.

Good customer care and customer service keeps the customer happy

Today, the battle between wireless carriers is focused on coverage and care. Offer great coverage where the customer wants service and offer great customer care and customer service.

This will help wireless carriers both hang onto existing customers and win users away from the competition. And that’s the name of the game.

That should be the focus of every wireless carrier today.

T-Mobile US has done a remarkable job of saving themselves from crashing and burning like they were doing years ago. And in the early year’s customers didn’t pay as much attention to the care aspect.

They liked being with an underdog. They cut T-Mobile US some slack.

However, as the year’s pass, customer expectations change and increase.

Wireless customers today expect great care, support and service

Simply put, what customers would put up with several years ago, they won’t put up with any longer.

Today, customers expect to get great wireless service, speed, connectivity and reliability. They also expect top notch customer service and customer care for their own needs.

The people I have spoken with say they are not wireless experts. They were not happy with the way T-Mobile US left them out in the cold.

They thought they simply had to deal with a bad phone and poor connection. They went to several different stores, always got the same result, and were not satisfied.

T-Mobile US problem with customer care and customer service

I advised a friend to take a different route and he got results. Not only did he get a new phone, but his service is better and today he gets fast 5G speeds. Yesterday, he struggled with a broken phone and service speed in the slow lane, that’s if he was lucky.

His problem went on for years. YEARS! Fortunately, it was solved quickly and easily.

This is the T-Mobile US problem today.

This is why they need to up-their-game with regards to the customer. If they don’t, they will lose in the long run as customers will switch to a competitor, of which there are many.

So, it is good they are shaking things up with executives and customer care. Hopefully, they will improve this weak link in their chain and be an even stronger company going forward.

I hope so. If they can, this will strengthen T-Mobile going forward in an increasingly competitive, take-no-prisoners wireless marketplace and they can continue on the growth track moving forward.

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