Several years ago, the IBM Power open source ecosystem team developed a search engine called Open Source Power Availability Tool (OSPAT). The purpose of OSPAT was, and still is, to address a pain point that many developers, sellers, business partners, and other IBM Power users brought to the team: They didn’t know how to (or couldn’t) find open source packages built specifically for IBM Power. And so, OSPAT was created.

In the years since we first launched OSPAT, we’ve made many enhancements to improve the user experience and to expand the search functionality and results. So, in that spirit, we are happy to announce that, by popular demand, we’ve made yet another improvement to the tool. You can now search for containerized packages!

Simply, enter the package name, enable the Show containerized packages only toggle, and click Search. The results will include the container package name, version, source, and provider, as shown in the following screen capture.

We invite you to take a look, test it out, and let us know what you think: And, when you’re ready to build, port, and containerize your app, use the following resources to help get you started:

Follow the Port your open source apps to Linux on Power learning path.
Request help if you can’t find what you’re looking for or need assistance with your port.
Check the Power Developer eXchange page for additional resources and tools to help you build and deploy your open source applications on IBM Power.

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